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Barpoint® General PC Multiwall Sheet is made of polycarbonate (PC) resin which is the world's most versatile materials, with the characteristics of high impact strength, is the perfect coordination with light weight and high strength, and the material itself was transparent as water as clear. It is widely used in stadiums, public buildings, industrial buildings, civil construction, modern greenhouses and interior decoration display, etc., and providing high-quality low-maintenance lighting solution for these occasions.


Product Features


Barpoint® General PC Multiwall Sheet ’s light transmission rate is up to 80%.

Ageing resistance

One side of barpoint® General PC Multiwall Sheet is UV co-extruded layer thickness of  50 microns can block ultraviolet rays pass through, so have a good weather resistance, as it be installed the surface must toward the sun.


Excellent energy efficiency

barpoint® General PC Multiwall Sheets are hollow structure, so that the air between the layers are there to gain excellent insulation properties, cool in summer and warm in winter. 10mm barpoint® General PC Multiwall Sheet heat transfer coefficient K value is 3.1 W/(m2·K).

Light weight

The proportion of barpoint® General PC Multiwall Sheet is only about 1/15 of normal glass, saving transportation, unloading, installation, and the costs of the support framework.

Easy to install

Easily with conventional tools for on-site cutting, can be cold-formed to form a small radius of curvature of the arc without the need for pre-bending treatment, the minimum bend radius of 175 times to the thickness. For cutting, sawing, drilling does not occur broken, damaged, so very little waste material.


Barpoint® General PC Multiwall Sheet’s own ignition is 580 ° C, will be self-extinguishing away from the fire. Combustion does not produce toxic gases, not spreading the fire, according to national standard GB8624-2006  which flame retardant is B level.

Impact resistance

Barpoint® General PC Multiwall Sheet has a good impact resistance, the impact strength is 80 times of the ordinary glass, 14 times to the acrylic sheet of the same thickness.

Simulated hail impact test: In the simulated hail impact test machine to simulate hail impact, will be a diameter of 20mm (weight 4.8g) of nylon balls to 21m / s speed of the launch of the model to observe the extent of damage model and found that glass and acrylic forces have been cracking or breaking, while the KETELONG® General PC Multiwall Sheet is not broken. Real life, a diameter of 20mm hail the ultimate speeds is up to 21m / s.

Sound insulation

Barpoint® General PC Multiwall Sheet’s sound insulation is obvious effects than the same thickness of glass and Acrylic panels for better sound insulation in the international arena, and  is the prefer choice material for highway noise barriers. For example: 10mm barpoint® General PC Multiwall Sheet’s sound insulation is 19dB.

Adapt to the larger temperature difference

Barpoint® General PC Multiwall Sheet does not occur the cold crisp in the -40 ° C and in the 120 ° C without softening, in the harsh environment of its Mechanics, mechanical properties, etc. have no significant changed.


Barpoint® General PC Multiwall Sheet to provide 10 years of quality assurance, Durable and reliable.


Typical performance indicators


Standard thickness4mm5mm6mm8mm 10mm   

Standard width1220mmonly 4mm5mm & 6mm thickness)、2100mm 

Standard length 6000mm (Other lengths can be customized according to customer request)

Color Clear, Lake Blue, Grass green, Blue, Opal, Brown and so on.



  • Commercial building lighting
  • Industrial buildings lighting
  • Stadium roof and indoor games areas
  • Transport infrastructure
  • Residential building lighting 
  • Greenhouse   
  • Noise Wall 
  • Building envelope and curtain wall
  • Signs board and sale point’s advertising
Building interiors
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