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Barpoint ® Abrasive PC Sheet is made on basis of the General PC Solid Sheet manufacture technology, changing parts of molding tool and craft, making the surface appearance occurred physics change, its surface constuction change make good light Characteristic and variety of the sense of vision and felling.

Mechanics function ,electricity function, fire retardant function, the ability of anti- ultraviolet ray etc. of the two kinds of sheet material in accordance with the General PC Solid Sheet, it is different at an external appearance and the light characteristic. through the shape in surface, density and size of cave and convex makes spread to shoot through the ray creation of the plank material and shoot deeply different but attain deeply and not and deeply, see not the misty result that see.

Light transmission

Excellent light transmission.When exposed under sunshine,there are no yellow,hazing or/and  poor light transmission caused.The embossed sheet & the abrasive sheet have the astigmatic function.
Impact resistance
The impact strength of Barpoint ® Abrasive PC Sheet  is 250-300 times of ordinary glass, is of 30 times to the same thickness of acrylic plate.Simulated hail impact test: In the simulated hail impact test machine to simulate hail impact, will be a diameter of 20mm (weight 4.8g) of nylon balls to 21m / s speed of the launch of the model to observe the extent of damage model and found that glass and acrylic forces have been ruptured or broken, while the Barpoint ® Abrasive PC Sheet  are not broken.The hail to the diameter of 20mm ,the ultimate speeds is up to 21m / s in real life.
Ageing resistance
Barpoint ® Abrasive PC Sheet one side is co-extruded UV layer thickness of 50 microns, can block ultraviolet rays pass through and therefore has good weather resistance. Have anti-UV treatment layer side, so the surface must be installed toward the sun.
Light weight
Barpoint ® Abrasive PC Sheet’s  proportion is only half of ordinary glass, savings costs in transport, unloading, installation, and support  framework.
Barpoint ® Abrasive PC Sheet’s  Self-ignition is 580 ° C, self-extinguishing after away from the fire. Combustion does not produce toxic gases, not fuel the fire from spreading, according to national standard GB8624-1997and is  flame retardant Grade B1.
Barpoint ® Abrasive PC Sheet may be in accordance with the design on-site use of cold-formed, installation into the arched, semi-circular roof and windows. Minimum bend radius for the introduction of plate thickness of 100 times, also can be hot bending.
Sound insulation
Barpoint ® Abrasive PC Sheet's sound insulation is obvious effects than the same thickness of glass and Acrylic panels for better sound insulation in the international arena, and  is the prefer choice material for highway noise barriers. For example: 6mm Barpoint ® Abrasive PC Sheet's  sound insulation is 29dB.
Barpoint ® Abrasive PC Sheet  makes Cool in the summer, and Warm in the winter, thermal insulation higher  7% -25% than the same glass.
Adapt to the larger temperature difference
Barpoint ® Abrasive PC Sheet  does not occur the cold crisp in the -40 ° C and in the 120 ° C without softening, in the harsh environment of its Mechanics, mechanical properties, etc. have no significant changed.

Length:Thickness≤4.5mm  30~50m/volume;thickness >4.5mm  6m/piece
Color:Clear,clear blue,clear green,opal and dark brown 

1、Clearstory in residence, the lighting roof for industrial workshops and storehouses; passageways, corridors and parking sheds
2、Gymnasium; swimming-pools, greenhouse sheds; interior lighting

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