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PC solid sheet Product introduction

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Solid sheet:

The Solid sheet(also name gathers carbonic ether solid core, bulletproof glass, solid core) is by the high performance engineering plastics----Gathers carbonic ether (PC) and the UV coating altogether pushes the processing to become, the PC modification may bear the alkali acidproof. May glue the PC endurance board with the special-purpose connection glue water, strengthened the PC board overall effect greatly!


   Bears meets strikes, cannot break: The intensity surpasses the tempered glass, acrylic fabric board several hundred times, the tenacious security, security, the bulletproof effect is best. But the circular arch, may be curving: The workability good, the plasticity strong, can depend on the work site scene actual need, becomes models curving and so on arch, semicircle. The material quality light, easy to transport: The weight only reaches the glass one half, the transporting installment time-saving reduces effort, construct control convenient easy. The weathering resistance, the natural lighting are superior: But the long-term anti-ultraviolet radiation, the natural lighting effect is especially superior, can save the massive festival source expenses. Ultra transparent, ultra insulation: Its transparency is nearly same with the glass, also has self-destroying disappears the fire nature, for finest natural lighting fire protection material.
  Endurance board main use:Is suitable in the botanical garden, the recreational place strange decoration and the rest place porch pavilion; Is suitable decorates, the modern city building curtain wall in commercial construction inside and outside; Is suitable in the aviation transparent container, the motorcycle front windshield, the airplane, the train, the steamboat, the automobile, the motorboat, the submarine and the glass police shield; Is suitable in the telephone booth, the advertisement street sign, the lamp box advertisement, the demonstration display arrangement; Is suitable in the instrument, the measuring appliance, the high and low pressure switch cabinet kneading board and the war industry and so on; Is suitable in the wall, goes against, the screen and so on the upscale interior decoration material; Is suitable in the highway and the city high structure road sound-insulated barrier; Is suitable and breeds the big awning in the agricultural greenhouse; 
  Is suitable in the office building, the general merchandise building, the guesthouse, the villa, the school, the hospital, the sports facility, the recreation center and the public facility natural lighting ceiling and so on.

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