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pc ligthing shield introduction

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pc ligthing shield
  The natural lighting covers take gathers the polycarbonate(PC) solid sheet or the PMMA material as a parent metal, attracts after the high temperature models the formation.The 2.5m width dark brown and the transparent resin plate have been becoming the enterprise by Wuxi to install debug successfully!! Improved the overall effect greatly, the working life reaches the applicable scope which 20 years long time.

  PC/PMMA natural lighting covers:
  Is suitable in the station, the wharf, the channel, the hospital, the building and each kind of recreation area public natural lighting facility.

  The PC/PMMA natural lighting covers product characteristic:
  The weight light, the intensity high, the anti-hit, hits not not garrulously, bulletproof, guards against the ultraviolet ray, the natural lighting performance well, does not change color, outdoor all-weather use may guarantee the nature for 10 years, in the room uses the maintenance time to be longer.PC adds UV to be possible to cause the plate to bear the aging to reach for 20 years long time, bears the low temperature to amount to - 45 degrees. 
  The product specification

  1. natural lighting covers the body for on lower hood body, the two-course construction lower hood body generally with 3 millimeters, original plexiglass 3 millimeter either 4.5 millimeters gathers the carbonic acid paper (to be named the pv board or bulletproof plate), makes the spherical surface upper hood body, may need to use 4 millimeter plexiglass according to the customer to make the spherical surface body or pyramid covers the body, the end opening may make the square shape, the rectangle, the triangle or the trapezoid, the circular.

  2. bridge pieces exchange curved formed and after the rust prevention processing structure by the steel plate, serves as the natural lighting to cover with the construction structure connection, according to covers the body end opening different shape, the bridge piece also correspondingly makes the square shape rectangle, the triangle or the trapezoid and so on. 
  3 waterproof systems are made by the aluminum alloy material, encircles the frame sealant and tightly encircles the waterproof system which the card necessary makes, this system structure stable precision is high, the installment is convenient, to covers the body protection degree to be high, the waterproofing encircles the frame to be possible to make the stationary type with the bridge piece also to be possible to make with the bridge piece separated opening type.
  4 heat preservation systems with gather the benzene froth or gather decide thermal insulation material and the polyurethane waterproofing paint film and so on ester froth carry on the effective heat preservation and the waterproofing to the bridge piece partial roofing system. 
  The natural lighting covers the body overall construction technical performance: 
  Transmittance >=91% monolayer <> air permeability level <> rain water percolation rate level <>                                             
     wind resistant intensity of pressure positive pressure level <> negative pressure level <> heat-transfer system KO=3.38 the tile/square meter Kelvin
  overall construction is self-possessed the <35KG/m2

  supplement content:
1. The product definition 
  by withstands each kind of roofing load and the function glass roofing board and the supporting system (roofing Liang, frame or arches, wire table, thin shell and hangs with the perpendicular plane included angle which rope and so on greatly cross spatial component and supporting edge component) are composed is bigger than 15° the part always to call. 
2. Product classification
  2.1. Divides into the steel structure supporting according to the supporting structure, the rope pole structure supporting, the aluminum alloy structure supporting, the glass structure supporting.
  2.2. Divides into according to opening must opens and closes, may open and close.
3. The applicable scope 
  Is suitable in civil and the industrial architecture glass natural lighting goes against.Mainly uses in the office and the hotel construction quadrangle and the top layer; The airport, the station terminal, the waiting building roof panel; Botanical garden greenhouse, exhibition hall, museum transparent roof panel and other special symbolic construction diaphanous roof panel.

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