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2009 years polycarbonate,Profession report

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  Our country gathers the carbonic ether long-term dependence overseas import, in 2000 the import volume was 230,000 tons, increased to 1,017,000 tons to 2008, grew near 4 times, in 2008 the country cohesion carbonic ether apparent consumption quantity close 800,000 tons, future several years will maintain 10-15% rate of increment.China gathers the carbonic ether to produce energy is only 260,000 tons, moreover the major part for the joint capital or the sole-source investment enterprise, the foreign degree of dependency is extremely high.Gathers the carbonic ether production enterprise to our country to say, speeds up the technology advancement urgently already.In March, 2009, yearly produces 500 tons to gather the carbonic ether project to gather the silver company experimental success in the Gansu silver light, estimated the year's end may go into production, hoped changes our country to gather the carbonic ether long-term dependence import aspect.


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