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The polycarbonate of market development prospect

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   Gathers carbonic ether (PC) to take in five big engineering plastics only transparent product, domestic and foreign produces can grow swiftly and violently, in 2000 whole world productivity was approximately 1,850,000 tons, in 2001 was 2,200,000 tons, in 2002 2,650,000 tons, in 2003 2,750,000 tons, estimated in 2004 will increase to 2,900,000 tons, in 2005 achieved 3,250,000 tons, the yearly average rate of increment will approximately be about 12%.
   Our country PC has produced can for many years be continuously small, only some 3 enterprises maintain the production, produces can insufficient 5000 ton /a, about the annual output 2000 tons, along with our country PC demand fast growth, our country has at present raised the PC joint capital cooperation construction installment upsurge, does obeisance the ear company and the Shanghai China friendship group chlorine alkali chemical industry company constructs 200,000 ton /aPC installments in the Shanghai chemical industry garden area, estimated an issue of 50,000 ton /a installment goes into production in 2004 year's end, at the beginning of 2006 will complete the second phased projects to achieve 100,000 ton /a, in view of the fact that our country PC market huge demand, will finally make this PC installment to expand can to 200,000 ton /a, the installment production mainly be opticsThe level product, uses in producing CD, the DVD compact disc, the automobile lighting system and so on.
   In addition, domestic also has some enterprises and the foreign cooperation or uses the manufacture domestically technology construction formalization PC production installment, therefore the future several year our country PC production will march into the new stage, in 2006 home production ability will increase to about 250,000 ton /a, 2010 will achieve 50 - 600,000 ton /a.Not only in view of our country PC potential giant market, overseas famous PC Corporation cooperates the construction production installment in our country, but also in national and the local construction formalization installment and so on Chinese Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, the relatively many installment investment aims at our country market.


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