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The PC sun sheet profession price continues high

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The PC endurance board profession reduces along with raw material supply, rises in prices is suddenly.

  The PC two raw material prices continue high, also gave us the positive worn out fur woman with no pubic hair profession to bring the recent development turning point, carried on a time thorough mixing the cards to our PC profession low end market.Two raw material rise in price fierce, but the fresh material rise in price scope is small, causes the yard lumber and the new yard lumber price disparity reduces, some terminal customer may select directly does the scale, does the quality the new yard lumber. 
  The Zhejiang board always walks is the low end route, the price low quality is bad, the plate type chromatic polarization is black, but this time rises in prices one time sneaked in the Guangdong market for them the opportunity (before has not come in), the Guangdong board walked on scale, the quality was stable, but this raw material rose in prices causes the Guangdong All Factory several upward prices, the market rhythm to speed up, some young dealers already did not able to endure.But some dealer pile-up of goods very are also many, the factory has adjusted prices, they did not have, to cause the market price to be chaotic, this caused for some businesses by the time sufficiently good, fished in troubled waters, gain sudden and huge profits.Customer when purchase product certain choice regular, has the prestige factory, guards against creates the nonessential economic loss!

  According to raw material to the shore quantity size, the comprehensive raw material market information looked that, afterwards several months the endurance board price has the possibility to break through 30 critical junctions, the positive worn out fur woman with no pubic hair price also can be high along with the high water ship.

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