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Foshan City Barpoint Building Materials Co.,Ltd is a professional production of polycarbonate (PC) board of high-tech enterprises, the introduction of the Italian OMIPA the most advanced UV-PC coextrusion production equipment and technology, complete with German production of the imported raw material. PMMA / PS polymer materials such as plastic products and specializes in plastic thermoforming technology and plastic production, services, foreign trade enterprises. Companies engaged in gathering material for many years the production of plastic polymers and plastic technology and plastic heat forming of production practices and marketing of high-level personnel; the introduction of the world's most advanced production equipment, with many years of experience in research and development of plastic sheet, and the world's leading equipment and raw materials vendors, production and marketing PC solid sheet, PC sun panel, PC particle board, PC and may adopt mask processing your request round arch, pyramid-shaped, pointed conical shape, etc.. Together with advanced management system and has a large number of high-quality, dynamic workforce, ensuring universal prayer cards, name brand PC board sun all superior performance.

The company is pursuing high quality products as the goal, so that everyone at ease and feel at ease. Barpoint will continue to work with you, casting your brilliant my career.


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